Amplify Resonant Paths

Culture. Organization. Talent. Skill.
Understanding how these factors are interconnected and how they can resonate into exponential growth is key to growing your business globally.
Every day, we take the core essences of complex businesses and find ways to join them together, creating exponential new paths for each to follow.
These paths are both freely available and at the same time a solid guide to follow, leading your business to success.


The name "Repota" comes from "Resource Pools of Talent."
We believe that when people connect with one another, it unlocks a limitless potential in their abilities.
We hope that our talented members from around the world can help solve the problems facing companies and society today.

Services Repota Offers

  • ・Highly skilled tech profesional recruitment service
  • ・Consulting
  • ・Local revitalization support
  • ・IT skill/capability improvement support
  • ・IT consulting/development/operation
  • ・Business globalization support
  • ・Global talent utilization (Immigration application support)


Throughout history, humans have repeatedly faced and overcome serious problems.

People around the world live with their own various thoughts in their respective countries, cultures, languages, and backgrounds.
Once we have the same objectives, we can overcome these boundaries and face any problem.

Repota is keen to resolve talent shortage issues stemming from Japan's shrinking population.

Repota believes that the issues of society are the issues of each individual.
Each individual hope makes the world more hopeful. There is no issue that we cannot overcome.

A man can be destroyed but not defeated.


During my thirty-year career at a consulting firm, I was always asking myself what I was working for. My goals for my career have changed over time. I have worked for myself, clients, my team, and my company. Once I had my wife and children, I found pleasure working for my family. However, I found that ultimately, my goal of working was for society as a whole.

Humans have often faced serious problems such as depopulation, disappearing local cultures, global warming, disasters, and pandemics. Whenever we have problems, we fight them. In such situations, humans are not alone, and everybody is supporting someone else.

Repota believes in the power of human potential and the synergy we have when we work together. Maximizing that potential is Our mission.


中野 豊明Toyoaki Nakano

Born in 1966 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Joined Accenture in 1991 after graduating from Waseda University.
Experience in supply chain management, logistics reform, and other types of business reform, as well as global system construction and other types of consulting projects.
Became Managing Director in 2006. Experience as supervisor handling quotations, service migration, service improvement, IT cost reduction, and more for large-scale IT outsourcing projects.
In addition to providing maintenance services in order to improve the added value of IT outsourcing, was also engaged in IT strategy planning, organizational reform and function enhancement, IT personnel skill enhancement, cost reduction, and service insourcing projects.


  • Company Name


  • English Name

    REPOTA Corporation

  • Address

    Meguro Center Building, SENQ Meguro 3-2-1 Kamiohsaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0021

  • Phone Number


  • CEO

    Toyoaki Nakano

  • Established

    August 2020

  • Capital

    6 million JPY

  • Industry

    Paid recruiting, Management consulting, Investment, IT Development

  • Paid Job Placement Business Permit Number