We handle the procedures required for foreign nationals to gain resident status to work in Japan, including residence permit applications and renewal, applications for change of status of residence, etc.
Our streamlined system allows users to create, store, and update required documents for the application process, simplifying what can otherwise be a complicated and lengthy ordeal.
The simplified process also benefits the host company by reducing the time and man hours spent on applying.

Examples of Applicable Applications:
・Certificate of Eligibility
・Renewal of Period of Stay
・Change of Status of Residence
and other residency-related application materials.

This service is handled by qualified attorneys and administrative scriveners who have experience submitting proxy applications to the Immigration Bureau.

FLOW - Application Flow -

  • FLOW 01

    Document Preparation

    We will give you specific and easy-to-understand instructions according to your application. Please prepare the necessary documents as instructed.

  • FLOW 02


    First time users should register an account here. Users who have already registered should login and fill in the required items to complete your application. (Additional materials may be required to be uploaded or sent via mail depending on the type of application.)

  • FLOW 03


    We will send an invoice by email after confirming there are no issues with the application or additional materials. Please pay via bank transfer.

  • FLOW 04

    Application Submission

    Once the payment has been confirmed, our staff will submit an application to the Immigration Bureau on your behalf. You can download a copy of the application stamped by the Immigration Bureau staff from our website.

  • FLOW 05

    Permission and Document Delivery

    After receiving approval from the Immigration Bureau, our staff will go to the Bureau to receive the permit documents. The documents will then be sent to either the worker living overseas or to the host corporation.

  • FLOW 06

    Subsequent Procedures

    This concludes our company's involvement, but the foreign national must present the permit documents to their country's Japanese embassy, apply for a visa, and receive a stamp on their passport.