Repota can introduce highly skilled foreign tech industry professionals to your company.

In IT, where labor shortage is an especially major issue, we can introduce both new graduates and experienced personnel with suitable skills in AI, robotics, embedded software, and other technologies.

In addition, when necessary, we provide additional education and Japanese language training related to your specific field in order to introduce global personnel who can immediately be an effective member of your company.


  • Employing Company

  • Application for recruitment

  • Confirmation of
    job opening details

  • Referral contract

  • Introducing candidates

  • Job Seeker

  • Job application

  • Registration of resume and CV

  • Disclosure of job openings

  • Explanation of working conditions, etc.

  • Coordinating and conducting recruitment interviews

  • Notification of results

  • Employment

*We also cooperate with our partners to provide immigration application support for entry in Japan at a low price.


Our company can introduce highly educated students from NITTE University in Mangalore in southern India.

About NITTE University students

NITTE University is a technical university specializing in electronic communication engineering, information science, and other scientific fields of study. It enrolls a large number of students receiving advanced IT education.

Major skills possessed by NITTE University students

  • ・Biofuels
  • ・VLSI
  • ・Upstream Processing Technology and Upstream Processing Lab
  • ・Embedded Systems
  • ・Bio nanotechnology and Nanotechnology
  • ・Signal Processing
  • ・Bioinformatics and clinical studies
  • ・Resistant Structures
  • ・Ground Improvement Technique
  • ・Deep Learning
  • ・Repair & Restoration of Structure
  • ・Mobile Application Development using Android
  • ・Disaster management and Mitigation
  • ・IoT
  • ・Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • ・Cyber Security
  • ・Android Programming
  • ・Blockchain Technologies
  • ・Natural Language Processing
  • ・Image Processing
  • ・Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • ・Micro Electrical and Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • ・Web Programming
  • ・Introduction to Cognitive Computing
  • ・Communication

Number of IT Students at NITTE University

The number of students in IT-related fields eligible to be hired in the 2020 fiscal year is 480. We will introduce the most qualified candidates for your company.

Department No. of Students
Computer Science & Engineering 246
Information Science & Engineering 65
Master of Computer Applications 169
Biotechnology Engineering 61
Department No. of Students
Electronics & Communication Engineering 218
Mechanical Engineering 232
Civil Engineering 147
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 65