OUR MISSION - Background of Services Provided -

It is estimated that by 2045, Japan's working population will be reduced by 25% of what it is today.
This rapid population decrease will bring about a serious labor shortage of both management as well as skilled professionals, and businesses, regions, and even long-standing industries are expected to decline, putting Japan on the brink of crisis.
Repota's main business goal is to provide the services to solve these problems.

Changes in the Japanese working population (2020-2045)

Created by the Repota Corporation based on the "Future Estimated Population by Region in Japan" published by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research

OUR SERVICES - Opportunities for our Clients -

Highly Skilled Tech Professional Recruitment Service

Our recruitment experts can introduce talented candidates from overseas to companies in Japan. We provide education and training to candidates as necessary so they can immediately be an effective member of your team.

Consulting Services

We provide various consulting services based on expertise gained from major foreign consulting firms.

  • Management Consulting

    Consulting to further develop your business and solve problems related to overall management.

  • Regional Revitilization Support Service

    Repota recognizes that stagnating regional economies caused by decreasing populations is one of the greatest issues facing our society today.
    In addition to our recruitment service and management, business, and system consulting knowledge gained from working with major consulting firms, we hope to support regional revitilization efforts by helping businesses globalize through overseas expansion.

  • IT Skill & Capability Enhancement Support Service

    Training and consulting services to strengthen the skills and capabilities of your company's information systems department.
    In addition, we provide support for all types of IT outsourcing arrangements including professional recruitment and can provide advice related to RFP requirements and vendor selection, helping reduce IT costs and strengthen your company's IT department through digitalization.

  • ICT Development & Operation Service

    System construction and maintenance services to help further develop your business and the technology it uses.

  • Overseas Expansion Support Service

    Support for expansion into Karnataka in southern India, where many Japanese companies have successfully expanded.
    We can provide comprehensive support as you consider expansion, including market research, location selection, as well as local recruitment and training.
    Our company has a business alliance with Shrillions Consultancy Services, a company that has provided local service to more than 1,100 companies, including Japanese companies, making it possible to gather sufficient information necessary for decision-making while minimizing the number of site visits required.

Foreign Talent Support Service

We handle the procedures required for foreign nationals to gain resident status to work in Japan, including residence permit applications and renewal, applications for change of status of residence, etc.